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Tokyo Hy-Power Labs In Japan.
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Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc. Building

Tokyo Hy-Power Laboratory
was founded by Nobuki Wakabayashi, JA1DJW, CEO/President of Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc. in 1975, in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo, Japan. Being a private company, our initial products were antenna couplers for HF bands such as HC-500 and HC-2500.

In 1977, Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc. was formally established as a developer and manufacturer of high-quality linear amplifiers, antenna tuners, etc. for Amateur Radio Stations. One of our early products, HL-4000 linear amplifier using 8877/3CX1500A7 by EIMAC, was the first real HF band high-power linear of its kind in Japan and welcomed by many enthusiastic DX'ers.

As HF mobile operation grew popular, they became a pioneer manufacturer of full-transistorized wide-band linears for mobile use, with models HL-200B and HL-400B being a big hit.

After that, they continued research and development for broad-band high power amps, so by then solid-state RF power technology had become their main advantage in the industry. Foreseeing the possibility for further growth of semiconductors, they started to manufacture RF power products for the industrial field in 1984.

Until then, they had developed RF switching mode technology to be applied to super efficient and compact 13.56MHz RF power generators as supplied for semiconductor manufacturing and plasma research facilities, as well as other industrial and medical use products such as pulse high power and ultra wide band amplifiers. Some of their last achievements were patented 3KW VHF RF power generators together with a fast reacting auto impedance matcher as used in the semiconductor manufacturing FABS for the advanced LSI chips.

With our long accumulated experiences and know-how in the RF power field, accompanied by our constant pursuit for high quality, Tokyo Hy-Power continued to serve the industry with advanced RF technology until it's closure on Dec 24 2013.

Tokyo Hy-Power Building

Tokyo Hy-Power Building

Tokyo Hy-Power Building
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