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HP-460 DC Power Supply
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HP-460 60 Amp DC Power Supply

Matching 60A DC Power Supply for HL-450B as well as HL-350VDX.


  • Light weight design due to switching mode operating system.

  • Best suited for feeding DC 13.8V / 60A of power to radio equipment to be operated at home and base station.

  • Over-current protection circuit will work to decline both output voltage and current to avoid damage of the power supply, when load current exceeds the maximum limit.

  • Designed to be free from RF intrusion that makes operation instable.

  • Voltage drop across the output DC cables can be cancelld, when REMOTE Sensing terminal is used.


The HP-460 is capable of delivering 60Amps continuously. The power supply incorporates an extremely precise voltage regulation circuit, maintaining the output voltage within .1%. Output voltage can be selected via the front voltage knob. Output voltage is variable from 1v-15v under 60A continuous load. There is a front mounted precision digital meter, so the user can accurately select the desired voltage. The digital meter will also concurrently display the corresponding amperage load.

There is a voltage feedback terminal strip mounted on the rear of the unit. A pair of sense wires can be connected to the input power terminals of the device and the power supply. This sense circuit will measure the voltage drop on the device and adjust the power output to keep the voltage locked at the desired voltage. No longer do you need to be concerned about voltage drop on the device under heavy amperage draws. The HP-460 will automatically compensate for such situations.
The unit incorporates robust RF shielding which can make ordinary power supplies unstable. An additional feature of over amperage protection, it will reduce both the voltage and amperage, thereby protecting the powered device.
The HP-460 can be remotely turned on/off via the remote socket (remote voltage sense) mounted on the rear of the unit.

A single HP-460 can also be used for unusually high amperage devices, where two power supplies would normally be used, such as the Kenwood TS-480HX 200 watt radio.
Front Panel contains Power Switch, Power Indicator LED, Over Amperage/Over Temperature warning LED, Precision Digital Meter with amperage and voltage displays, variable voltage output selection knob, and a front mount 5 amp auxiliary power terminal.

Rear panel contains D.C. Output terminals, remote voltage sense line terminals, ground screw terminal, Remote on/off mode switch, Remote control input connector, and an A.C. power cord receptacle.
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AC Power Input AC 90 ~132V
50 / 60Hz
DC Output Voltage 1 ~ 15V
Output Current 60A (continuous) max
Ripple and Noise 50mV P-P max
Line Regulation 20mV (90-130V Variation)
0.05%+3mV max
Load Regulation (sense) 0.1%+5mV (0-100% Load) max
Load Regulation (no sense) 0.1%+5mV (0-100% Load) max
Meter Type Percision Digital Meter
Input Fuse 20 Amp
Dimensions 220 x 110 x 410 mm
(8.6 x 4.3 x 16 inches)
Weight Approx. 5.2kgs., 11.5 lbs.

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