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Automatic Antenna Tuner
Detailed Views and Specifications

  • Designed to fully integrate with the HL-2.5Kfx and 1.5Kfx amplifiers.

  • “ONE BUTTON TUNING” Complete Automatic Band Switching and Tuning

  • Tuner can be used in automatic or manual modes.

  • Tuner is compatible with other amplifiers when used in manual mode.

  • Automatic amplifier keying line disable when in tuning mode

  • High Speed / High Accuracy Stepper Motors with typical tuning times of 1 second

  • Advanced 16 bit microprocessor for functional control and tuning


The HC-1.5KAT is a full legal 1.5kW rated automatic antenna tuner designed to fully integrate with the Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2.5Kfx and HL-1.5Kfx amplifiers. When combined with either one of these amplifiers, the operator will truly have convenient one button operation. The HC-1.5KAT will automatically select the correct band, select the proper antenna for the particular band, and tune the antenna. All of this is accomplished automatically by simply keying the transmitter.

Tuning times are typically under 1 second with a maximum tuning time of 2.5 - 4 seconds for worst case scenarios. The 1.5kW rating is measured with antenna SWR loads of 2:1 or less. The tuner is capable of tuning antennas with an SWR of 4:1 or less.

There are three output antenna connectors on the rear of the unit, giving the operator maximum flexibility in the selection of the various antennas available at his location.

The HC-1.5KAT is connected to the amplifier via a simple interface cable that transfers band data from the radio/amplifier to the tuner. The tuner can be simply powered with any 12Vdc/1500ma source . The tuner incorporates an advance 16 bit micro-processor that is responsible for the ultra-fast tuning rates and operating functions of the unit.

The tuning system employs two high quality 3kV rated 200pF air variable air capacitors. These capacitors are driven by a very accurate high-speed Stepper motor (1440step/.25 degree), forming a T match circuit. The tuner has a PTT protection circuit, disabling the keying line to the amplifier until the tuner has finished tuning the antenna. This circuit is accessed through the two RCA rear mounted PTT IN/OUT jacks.

The front mounted LCD screen displays the current band setting (selected band segment on 160m and 80m), auto/manual mode status, both air inductor settings C1, C2 and current selected antenna port. The C1 and C2 can also be adjusted via the front rotary knob for manual tuning of the antenna.

The front panel also includes a power switch and indicator, rotary knob switch for manual adjust of C1 and C2, antenna port selection and the setting of the desired band segments (when using the tuner in automatic mode for 160 and 80 meters). In addition there is a front mounted LED indicator displaying high RF current warning and a Ready Indicator LED to confirm the tuner has correctly tuned the antenna.

The rear of the tuner has three antenna output connectors, an exciter (Transmitter) input connector, 12Vdc power input jack and two RCA connectors PTT Out/In for the keying line disable circuit.

HC-1.5KAT Antenna Tuner
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Front | Rear | Interior | Left Side | Right Side

Frequency Range 1.8 ~ 29.7 MHz
Output Impedance Range 12.5 ohms – 200 ohms
Maximum Power Capability 1.5kW SSB/CW – RTTY 1kW
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Tuning Power 50W ( 80W max )
Tuning Time Typically 1 second

Worst case scenario 2.5 seconds with rare instances of 4 seconds
External Power Required 12Vdc / 1500ma
Power Consumption
(Tuning mode)
Power Consumption (Standby) 750ma
Maximum SWR after tuning <1.5:1
Circuit Type T – Shaped Network
Cooling Forced Air
Stepper Motor resolution .25 per step 1440 steps
Dimensions 8” W x 5.6” H x 12” D
Weight 11 lbs

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