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HC-200AT HF/50MHz
Automatic Antenna Tuner
Detailed Views and Specifications

  • HC-200AT will tune a large variety of antennas including, Whips, Dipoles, OFC dipoles, Double Bazookas, Loops, and Verticals.

  • Wide frequency range 1.8Mhz - 54Mhz

  • Large SWR handling capability – Will tune antennas with an SWR up to 10:1

  • Very fast tuning times – typically less than 1 sec

  • Ten memory channels – stores the last 10 tuned frequencies

  • 200 Watt capability – Operates with any transceiver

  • 16 Bit Micro-controller tunes a wide range of impedances

  • Large Analog Meter displays current SWR conditions

  • Two Coaxial Antenna inputs – One single wire input


The HC-200AT is a versatile automatic antenna tuner, capable of tuning a 200 watt signal into an antenna with a SWR of 10:1 or less. It will tune short whips, verticals, random wire, dipoles and other antennas.

The tuner has a remarkably fast tuning time of .2 seconds for any setting stored in memory. It will tune a 3.5:1 SWR antenna in approximately 1 second and an antenna with a SWR of 10:1 in approximately 2 seconds. The tuner has an operating range of 160 meter s through 6 meters.

The 16 bit micro-computer controlled LC network tunes a wide range of impedances:
  • 80 meters ~ 6 meters (5-500 ohms)
  • 160 meters (15-500 ohms)
Tuner will tune a 25 foot random wire for 80m-6m and a 63 foot random wire for 160m.

Large front panel meter reads either SWR or output power
Front mounted antenna switch, switches between either SO-239’s or an SO -239 and a wire terminal for a random antenna wire attachment.

Front panel contains an SWR/Power meter, Active tuning LED, High SWR LED, Antenna 1 or 2 Selector, Meter selector switch, SWR/ Power Forward meter switch a Start tuning switch and a power On/Off button.

Rear panel connections incorporate two antenna SO-239 connectors, a single antenna wire connector, grounding terminal, Transmitter input remote radio interface connection for remote tune function jack and 13.8 VDC power connector.
HC-200AT 200W HF/50MHZ Auto Antenna Tuner
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Front | Rear | Left Side | Right Side

Frequency Range 1.8 ~ 54 MHz
Output Impedance Range 5 - 500 ohms
( 3.5 ~ 54 MHz )

15 ~ 500 ohms
( 1.8 MHz )
Maximum Handling Power 200W max PEP / CW
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Output Connectors Two SO-239's and
one wire antenna terminal
Tuning Time 1.5sec.( typical )

4sec. max.

0.2sec for memory tuning mode
DC Power Voltage DC 12V ~ 14V 0.8A max

0.1A after tuning
Dimensions 7.7 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches
( W x H x D )
Weight Approx. 2.3 lbs
Optional Parts Balun for open feeder Model HBL-100
1:4 balun for balanced feeder antenna

Radio Interface Cable
( ICOM )
Model HTC-100AT
ICOM 5 ( 17ft.)

Radio Interface Cable
( ICOM )
Model HTC-100AT
ICOM 10 ( 33ft.)

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