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3.5 MHz ~ 28 MHz (80m ~ 10m) + 50Mhz (6m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-100BDX Mobile HF Amplifier

  • Auto Band Changing capable
  • Complete set of LP filters for each band

  • Auto Senses Tx Band
  • Detects shorts in Antenna during transmision and will go into protection mode

  • ALC output along with Remote Fan Output Power on Back of main amplifier body.

  • Amplifier incorporates built in protection circuitry fro high SWR, even battery reversal.
  • Manual Band changing is also a feature


The HL-100BDX was designed primarily to work with the Yaesu FT-817 QRP Radio. Although it will work with any radio that outputs 5-10 watts. When connected to an FT-817 via the rear DIN connector the operator has an amplifier that will follow the radio as it chages bands

hl-100bdx HF Amplifier
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Front | Rear | Interior | Left Side | Low Pass Filter Board

Frequency Band 3.5MHz ~ 50MHz (160m ~ 6m)
(Including WARC bands)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / FM /AM
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
5W-10W Selectable
Output Power 100W SSB, CW
33W for AM
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors RD70HVF1 x 2 (Mitsubishi)
Band Switching Tx Sensing
Power Requirement 13.8Vdc at 15A Max
Cooling Method Passive Heatsink
Options Controller Cable 6m (HRC-200L)

174w x 56H x 235d (mm)

Weight 2.4kg / 5.3 lbs
Production Period Unknown

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