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50 MHz ~ 54 MHz (6m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-1K/6 6m Amplifier

  • 6 meter only amplifier

  • Replacement Tubes Readily Available

  • Dual Meters for PO, IP, IG, EP

    Meter-1 (IP) Meter-2 (PO, EP, IG) Selectable
  • Very Clean Internal Layout

  • Interlock Switch for safety

  • Remote connection on back for Rx and Tx control, also ALC.

  • Warm up indicator LED


The HL-1K/6 was the only 6m dedicated tube amplifier ever built by THP. It was designed for very low drive power of between 10w and 15w and will deliver 500w PEP Output.

There are two front mounted meter. The meter’s function is selectable via the front mounted meter switch. It can display Power output (PO), Control Grid current (IG), Plate Current (IP) and Plate Voltage (EP).

Rear controls include ALC adjustment control, Transmitter input, Antenna output, PTT keying line and remote Rx and Tx connections.

HL-1K6 6m Amplifier
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Front | Rear | Interior | Left Side | Right Side

Frequency Band 50MHz ~ 54MHz (6m)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / RTTY /AM /FM
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
15W Max
Output Power 500W SSB PEP
Amplifier Class Class AB G.K
Tubes 4CX250B x 2 (EIMAC)
Band Switching N/A
Power Requirement 100VAC-250VAC
50/60Hz — 1600VA Max
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Warm up Time 60 seconds
Size 11.2"W x 5.3"H x 14.8"D
Weight 39.6 lbs or 18Kgs
Production Period  

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