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1.8 MHz ~ 54 MHz HF AMPLIFIER (160m~6m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-2500fx HF Amplifier

  • 1.5kw on HF Bands and 1kw on 6M

  • Light weight- lightest 1.5kW amplifier in its class

  • Dual Internal Switching Power Supplies

  • Automatic band change when used with most modern transceivers: Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft, Flex and TenTec

  • Amplifier incorporates an advanced 16bit Microprocessor that controls all the functions of the amplifier, including the protection circuits.

  • Updatable Firmware via USB or Serial Port

  • When properly configured truly “ONE BUTTON OPERATION”. No tuning, waiting, or selecting bands…Just select a frequency and transmit!



The HL-2500fx
was to be the new 2014 Flagship Amplifier of the Tokyo Hy-Power line. Unfortunately after only two months of production and sales THP closed it's doors. There was approximately 40 units produced and sold. It is a full legal limit amp with a minimum output of 1.5kW on HF Bands and (1 KW on 6M) It offers full coverage operating from 160M-6M.

The 2500fx incorporates six THP-2933 Mosfets that are easily capable of supplying the required output power. It also includes built-in dual switching power supplies and operates with line voltages from 100v-250v at 50 or 60 cycles.

The HL-2500fx is designed to integrate fully with the Tokyo Hy-Power HC-1500AT Automatic Antenna Tuner. The HL-1500AT Tuner band switching will auto-synchronize to the 2500fx amplifier band setting (manual or automatic mode), following whatever band is selected on the amplifier. Most third party automatic tuners will also function properly, when used with the HL-2500fx. Of course manual tuners can also be used, though band selection and antenna tuning must be done manually by the operator.

There is a front mounted LCD screen that displays current band setting, Hi/Lo power mode, Temperature and Rig control status. In addition the LCD will display any faults encountered by the amplifier. There are also two front mounted meters. One meter is dedicated to displaying the forward power output. The second meters function is selectable via the front mounted meter switch. It can display Power Reflected (Pr), Idle voltage to the MosFets (Vd), Transmitting Current of the MosFets, and ALC voltage.

Additional front mounted controls include an automatic/manual band switch to select the mode of band switching, and a rotary band selector switch to change the bands while in manual band switch mode. To round out the front panel also installed are 4 LED indicators On Air, Fan Fault, Id Over Current and Protection Fault indicator.

The Rear of the Amp includes ALC adjustment control, DB15 switching band data connector, HL-1500AT Tuner Interface DIN socket, Exciter (Radio) input, antenna output, PTT keying line (STBY) RCA jack and a ALC RCA jack and USB ports for firmware updates and possible PC control.

The amplifier is QSK capable (50wpm+) using miniature high speed Panasonic relays for T/R switching. The Cooling fan has a more dynamic range of speeds than the 2.5kfx and can be much quieter that the 2.5kfx when idling but at full speed is about equal in noise.

Due to its efficient externally mounted fan and an internal power supply, the HL-2500fx is the smallest, lightest legal limit amplifier ever built, even by today's standards.

The amplifier has connections on the back for most popular radio brands, including Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Elecraft radios. This will allow full automatic operation between the radio, amplifier, and antenna tuner.

The amplifier will also synchronize with the Fluid Motion SteppIR controller and both will follow the same band that is selected by the radio.

The HL-2500FX is the last Amplifier that Tokyo Hy-power produced. So far it has proven to be a fairly solid amplifier but unfortunately two units have been reported to have had an issue with the switching power supplies. Unfortunately it had only one firmware revision before THP closed it's doors and that revision addressed an issue with rig control by the Kenwood TS-990. Only a handful of 2500's got this update. We hope to get our hands on the updated firmware very soon.

Frequency Band 1.8MHz ~ 50MHz (160m ~ 6m)
(All Amateur HF Bands & WARC)
Operating Modes SSB/CW
(RTTY - Reduced duty cycle 5Min)
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
85W typical - 100W Max
Output Power 1.5kW Minimum SSB/CW
1.8kW PEP Typical
1kW - 50Mhz
1.5kW - RTTY
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors Microsemi THP 2933 x 6

Operating parameters:
50V@60A max
Band Switching
Most modern Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, and Elecraft K3 Transceivers.
Antenna Ports Two Selectable Antenna Ports
Power Requirement 100VAC-250VAC
50/60Hz – 3000VA
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling

15 Pin D-Sub Port For Radio Cntr
9 Pin Serial Port to Access CPU
USB Port For Access To CPU
DIN Connector For External Tuner

Remote On/Off Header For Remote Operations.

Power Modes Hi or Lo Power Output Switch
T/R Switching Miniature High Speed Relays
(Panasonic / 5-6 ms)
Size 14.6W x 5.7H x 16.6D
Weight 41 lbs / 18kgs

Read the 2014 Radioaficion Review of the 2500fx

QEX Magazine, Sept/Oct 2006

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