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1.8 MHz ~ 28 MHz (160m ~ 10m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-2K HF Amplifier

  • Second HF Amplifier built by THP

  • Uses Dual 3-500Z Tubes

  • Dual Meters reading IP, IG, EP and Power Out

  • Fan Delay Circuit will cool tubes even after power is switched off.

  • Tubes readily Available

  • Wide Line Voltage Operating Range 100V-250V 50-60 Hz

  • Full ALC control

  • Built In Interlock protection.


The HL-2K was the second tube amplifier produced by THP. It was orginally labled as Yokogawa Medical Systems P9306UL which clearly shows this was the Transition model that went from being part of the medical devision to what became THP itself. The amplifier along with the 3k has a very clean and distinct look that is very close to the TL-922A. The HL-2K operates from 160m through 10 m. The amplifier has a wide line voltage operating range. It can use 100V through 250V - 50/60Hz successfully.

The amplifier incorporates two 3-500Z tubes which makes it a very easy amp to find repllacement tubes for.



Frequency Band 1.8MHz ~ 28MHz (160m ~ 10m)
(Including Most WARC bands)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / RTTY
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
SSB 60W typical — 120W Max
Output Power 1200W PEP Max SSB / 600W CW and RTTY Plus other digital modes
Amplifier Class Class AB2 Ground Grid
Tubes Two Elmac 3-5000Z
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 100VAC-250VAC
50/60Hz — 25A - 13A Max
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
T/R Switching Unknown
Size 400W x 200H x 390Dmm
Weight 35 Kgs
Production Dates UnKnown

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