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1.8 MHz ~ 28 MHz (160m ~ 10m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-4000 HF Amplifier

  • 2000W PEP Output Rumored

  • 3CX1500A7/8877

  • Totaly Handbuilt Construction

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The HL-4000 the FIRST HF amplifier made by THP. The 4000 was not an export model amplifier. It is believed that only a handfull were ever made and therefore it is almost impossible to even find a picture of one much less the specifications or the manual. (If you have any info please let us know)

We believe that the Amplifier pictured on JA1DJW QRZ Page is the HL-4000 but the picture is so Grainy and old that we cannot be certain.

HL-4000 HF Amplifier
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Front | Rear | Interior | Left Side | Right Side

Frequency Band 3.5MHz ~ 28MHz
Operating Modes SSB / CW / RTTY
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
100W (Estimate)
Output Power 2KW PEP SSB CW AM FM
Amplifier Class Class AB2, Grounded grid
RF Tube 3CX1500A7/8877
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 200VAC-250VAC
50/60Hz —20A
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Meters Plate current meter ( IP ), Multi-function meter ( IG / PO / EP )
Size Unknown
Weight Unknown
Production Period Unkown

Open PDF File Manual

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