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1.8 MHz ~ 28 MHz (160m ~ 10m) + 6m
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-550fx HF Amplifier

  • Small Footprint

  • EXTREMELY Light Weight
    Lightest 600W Amplifier Available at 22.5lbs

  • Switching Power Supply
    Use it anywhere in the world,
    Just plug it in 100-250v 50/60Hz

  • Carry Handle for Easy Transport

  • Simple Operation and Hookup

  • Amplifier incorporates an advanced 16bit microprocessor that controls all the functions of the amplifier, including the protection circuits.

  • Lower cost in replacing finals compared to replacing tubes in tube-type amplifiers.


The HL-550fx is our lightest HF amplifier. It is the lightest 600W – 160m-6m HF/VHF amplifier on the market today, with a total weight of only 22.5 Lbs! This amplifier has been designed for the traveling operator such as, DXpeditions, vacations, field day, camping, and for persons who simply want a light weight amplifier.

The unit has a carrying handle and an additional set of mounting feet on the left side of the case, so that the amplifier can sit vertically or horizontally. It can be stored in a carry-on briefcase and can easily fit in an overhead compartment on an airliner. The HL-550fx incorporates an internal switching power supply that can be plugged into any line voltage source throughout the world, making the amplifier a natural for very remote locations. No adjustments are necessary when switching from different line voltages.

The amplifier incorporates four VRF150 RF Mosfets. The switching power supply feeds the Mosfets with 50V drain voltage, resulting in an output power of 600W Max SSB PEP, 600W CW and 400W RTTY on HF.

The amplifiers broadband tuning characteristics require no further tuning once the proper band has been selected. The HL- 550fx utilizes manual band switching; the operator must select the proper band with every band change.

The unique air cooling duct design incorporates an efficient powerful blower fan which supplies cooling to the Aluminum Block heat sink located atop the Power Amplifier module. The fan also supplies cooling to the other internal components of the amplifier. Its quiet operation allows for even the weakest signals to be heard.

The amplifier uses a sophisticated circuit containing an advanced 16 bit microprocessor to control the normal functions of the amplifier along with the various high speed protection circuits, which will protect the amplifier from faults such as Overdrive and High SWR.

There is a front mounted meter. The meter’s function is selectable via the front mounted meter switch. It can display Power Reflected (Pr), Power Forward (Pf), Idle voltage to the MosFets (Vd), and Transmitting Current of the MosFets (Id). Mount to the right of the meter switch is the manual rotary band switch which the operator would use to select the appropriate band.

There are also numerous LED indicators mounted on the front panel, Power On, High Current (Id). Warning lights include Over Drive, Overheat, Over Volt, Internal Fuse Open, and Excessive Reflective Power.

Rear controls include ALC adjustment control, Transmitter input, Antenna output, PTT keying line (STBY) RCA jack and an ALC Input RCA jack.

The amplifier is QSK capable (50wpm+) using miniature high speed Panasonic relays for T/R switching

HL-550fx HF + 6m Amplifier
Click to enlarge:
Front | Rear | Inside | Left Side | Top

Frequency Band 1.8MHz ~ 28MHz (160m ~ 10m)
50MHz ~ 54MHz (6m)
(Including WARC bands)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / RTTY
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
75W Typical — 95W Max
Output Power 600W SSB PEP
600W CW
RTTY 400W ~ 500W 5min
Amplifier Class Class AB Parallel Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors VRF150 x 4
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 100VAC-250VAC
50/60Hz — 1400VA
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
T/R Switching Miniature High Speed Relays 5-6 ms
Size 9.1W x 5.6H x 14.3D
Weight 22.5 lbs


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