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3.5 MHz ~ 28 MHz HF AMPLIFIER (80m~10m)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HL-700B HF Amplifier

  • Can be used both as a base and mobile unit

  • Compact and light weight package

  • Large front mounted, easy to read, power output meter (continuous mode)

  • Microprocessor controlled protection circuit

  • Remote operation capable with the external controller

  • Fully automatic band selection with no additional cables

  • Automatic fault protection

  • ALC protection circuit to insure long life of the finals


The HL-700B is the prdessor of the HL-450B in the mobile /base hybrid models. It is 13.8V powered amplifier which makes it ideal for mobile use. The unit incorporates a microprocessor for fault protection. When driven by the transceiver a 10w input can result in 400w output. When the Hi/Lo switch is set to high th e output can reach a full 600W. There is no need for a separate band data cable, for the amplifier automatically reads the radio’s frequency and selects the proper band. In addition to the automatic band select function, the band selection can be manually switched via the front panel controls or via an external remote control port on the rear of the unit.

The HL-700B can be keyed with RF or connecting a keying line to the rear jack of the unit. This hard keying circuit guarantees smooth and effortless T/R switching with the radio. Also incorporated, is an ALC circuit, which will help insure that the finals are always protected from being overdriven. Failure in not connecting the ALC, can result in premature failure of the finals and/or signal distortion.

An efficient ducted rear exhaust fan system is incorporated in the case, for forcing cool air to the heat sink and the internal components of the unit. The fan is noted as being fairly loud by users.

The amplifier incorporates various protection circuits such as high SWR, Over Drive, Over Current, etc. Any fault encountered by the unit, will cause an immediate shut down of the amplifier protecting sensitive components.

There is a front mounted panel meter which displays output power, reverse power and input voltage. Band switches for manual band switching are also on the front panel. The front LED's indicate power on, Tx and Fault indicator.

The rear connections include, DC Power connection terminals, Remote DIN connector with ALC input jack, transmitter input and antenna output coaxial connections, and a second 8 pin DIN socket for connecting External remote control.

The HP-700 matching power supply was an available accessory at the time, which supplied the required 13.8VDC – 70 amps
HL-700B HF Amplifier
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Front | Rear | Main Board | Left Side | Right Side

Frequency Band 3.5MHz ~ 28MHz
(80m ~ 10m NO WARC Bands)
Operating Modes SSB / CW / AM / FM
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
10W and 100W (Selectable)
Output Power 600W SSB PEPl
500W CW FM
300W AM Typical 500W max
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors THP-120 x 4
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 13.6v - 70 Amps
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
T/R Switching Miniature High Speed Relays 5-6 ms
Size 300W x 100H x 342D (mm)
Weight 8 Kg
Production Period 199X - 2011

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