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40m - 15m - 6m (3 Band HT)
Detailed Views and Specifications
HT-750 (3 Band HT)

  • Covers three bands 40m/15m/6m in both SSB and CW

  • Comes with multiple antennas for each band

  • Built in battery pack, will operate from 8.5 to 15Vdc

  • 3W output on 40m and 15m and 2W on 6m

  • Super hetrodyne Receiver

  • Sleek looking design with S-meter and VFO
  • Uses 8 regular AA Batteries.


The ht-750 was the first HT built by THP in the early 1990's. The Design was revolutionary and very compact for the time.

Frequency Band 40m - 15m and 6m coverage
Operating Modes SSB / CW
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
Output Power 3W on 40m/15m and 2W on 6m
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors unknown
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 8x AA Batteries
Cooling Method None
T/R Switching Unknown
Size 66w x 188H x 47D (mm) . . . . 2.6w x 7.4H x 1.8d inches
Weight 850g / 1.8 lbs
Production Period 1991 - 2001

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